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Customer Testimonials

Weed Man Lawn Care Chattanooga, TN relies on the success of its customers, which is why we care for your lawn as if it were our own. Read what other Chattanooga, TN Weed Man customers have to say about their experience with us and our services.

"Keep up the good work!" 
~ Joey T.

"I am very happy with the service! Keep up the good work!"
~ Robert M.

"Our lawn really looks great! Better than it ever has!"
~ Ben A.

"Thanks for the great service!"
~ Todd D.

"Our grass is looking really great!"
~ Steve L.

"You guys have done a wonderful job over the years. My yard looks great!"
~ Ted S.

"You guys do a great job with the lawn and especially getting rid of the nutsedge!" 
~ Brent L.

"My yard has never looked so good! We are so thankful that our technician takes care of us, and works so hard to make our yard perfect!" 
~ Sharon W.

"You guys have done a really good job and I have been very pleased."
~ Linda H.

"We want to thank the technician who spot treated our lawn during our last fertilizer applications. The weeds are gone and it looks wonderful!"
~ Doug F.

"Make sure you let Kyle know how much I appreciate everything he's done for me. Tell him he's running a good business over there!"
~ Mike B.

"I highly recommend Weed Man. My grass looks amazing, and they take care of anything I need. They have great customer service. Thanks guys!"
~ Chance H.

"These guys go out of their way to please customers. Hands down, best customer service... some of the best looking yards I've seen have been taken care of by Weed Man Chattanooga."
~ Jason B.

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